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The MHF partners with both for-profit and non-profit entities to deliver quality healthcare interventions to underserved populations in the San Diego region.

We invite partnerships with medical groups, hospitals and health plans and philanthropists to reduce emergency room and hospitalization of high-risk patients. The San Diego region has many health systems (Sharp, Scripps, UCSD, Kaiser, Palomar, etc.) that offer programs focused on their network and population. The MHF Foundation serves all patients, regardless of their hospital system, provider or location.

Our Reinvestment Model

We have developed a business model that reimagines a healthcare system that shares resources to make a lasting, positive change in underserved communities. In this model, institutions share a portion of their cost savings to support disease prevention in vulnerable communities; patients take responsibility to maintain stable health; and volunteers give patients the moral support they need to maintain wellness.

Our Suite of Services

  • Giving each patient the culturally appropriate clinical and social support he or she needs to transition from medical crisis to long-term wellness.
  • Using critical wellness pathways to deter patients’ regressing or progressing to crisis care.
  • Educating patients how to navigate the health and social-service systems for themselves.
  • Committing significant savings in healthcare costs for reinvestment into wellness solutions.
  • Uniting healthcare providers, social-service agencies and faith-based volunteers under a common agenda of improving the health long term of vulnerable patients.

Our Model Works!

One example of how this reinvestment partnership works is the Multicultural Primary Care Medical Group.

The Multicultural
Primary Care
Medical Group

A total of 72 chronically ill patients from this medical group participated in the foundation’s Patient Health Improvement Initiative (PHII). While the Multicultural IPA focused on clinical solutions, the foundation staff helped the patients overcome social barriers to wellness. Working together, the medical group was able to save $198,000 in healthcare costs. The medical group, in turn, reinvested $100,000 back into the PHII program to sustain the work of helping chronically ill patients achieve long-term wellness.

Wellness Approach

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We believe it’s necessary to help patients achieve long-term wellness -- not just to treat their medical crisis -- and that this approach leads to lasting, positive public health outcomes. Our healthy living education assists patients in transferring health information into real world practice.

The patients receive this information from a variety of healthcare providers but often don't understand it or have a difficult time adapting it to their own lives. That's where our staff works one-on-one with the patients, supporting them to make the needed changes to improve their long-term health.

Ways to Become a Partner

We invite you to join the foundation through any of the following partnership opportunities or we can design a partnership project tailored to your goals:

  • Hospital and insurance provider partnerships that will refer their chronically ill patients to our Patient Health Improvement Initiative and after securing cost savings will reinvest a portion of those savings into our wellness services.
  • Philanthropic and government partnerships to finance single and multi-year projects that will promote ways to achieve healthy living in vulnerable communities, like teaching kitchens, mobile kitchen classrooms, fitness centers and sustainable gardens.
  • Technology partnerships to put health information technology in the homes of vulnerable patients, enabling healthcare providers to monitor and guide positive behavior changes in patients.
  • Research partners to collect and analyze data on the region’s multicultural patients with the goals of sharing best practices and developing and promoting policy reforms.
  • Community- and faith-based organizations interested in writing joint proposals to share funding for expansion, not duplication, of effective healthcare support services.
  • Health and nutrition educators wanting to explore creative ways to teach chronically ill, multicultural patients how to apply health information to their everyday lives at home.
  • Volunteers interested in helping patients to improve their health and sustain wellness.

Contact Natache Muschette at to invest in the lasting health of San Diego County’s multicultural communities.

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